Property Investment – Inspiration to Implementation


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Property Investment – Inspiration to Implementation introduces the learner to the fundamentals of property investment and is suitable for novices as well as those who have some knowledge or experience but would like to know more.

Download the Course GuideThis course has been developed by Kathy Blahut one of ASPIRE’s most experienced and highly qualified Advisors.

Kathy is a foundation member of the ASPIRE Property Advisor Network, an independent group of highly qualified professionals advocating the raising of educational and ethical standards in the property industry.

The course content is grounded in her belief in the power and importance of investment and she aims to convey an enthusiasm for self-determination.

Kathy’s mission in writing this course has been to educate and to build the confidence required to act on the opportunities that we are fortunate to enjoy in this country.

She has had two successful careers, in teaching and property, and is a passionate advocate of the power of both to enlarge and enhance the lives of the students and clients she has been able to work with over the years.

Arranged in a logical scaffold of ten Lessons and more than seventy Topics, it is written for people who are curious about the possibilities and motivated to be proactive and to change their own and their family's future by investing and creating wealth for the future.

Many of the most common questions clients ask are addressed in plain language with graphics and stories to make the ideas relatable and applicable.

It is a self-paced learning exercise, divided into Ten Lessons and bite sized Topics within each lesson.

It is of course important to understand that the information and any implied advice in this course is of a general nature and not to be taken as personal advice, please refer to the course terms & conditions on the website.

Adhering to the PIPA Code of Conduct, Independent ASPIRE Property Network Advisors are committed to acting in the best interest of their clients, with due care and independent judgment, in order to provide the best possible property investment recomendations, based on facts, to work towards achieving investors goals and to present information that may assist client’s decision making process, as accurately, honestly and completely as possible.

This course is designed for all levels of experience and provides information to gain a greater understanding of how to investment in property in Australia.


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