Above Average Opportunities

All you can be offered with honesty is




Ethical, compliant and educated property professionals should not and cannot offer you certainty.

Capital growth predictions can only be made on the balance of evidence. All economic models, the property market included, rely on assumptions about consumer and vendor behaviour, the elasticity of supply, future economic growth, population trends, government policy, and a myriad of other nebulous factors such as consumer sentiment and social media!

What you can be offered in all honesty is



BUT even on the ‘right side of the curve’ there are different levels of risk attached to different property choices depending on a series of important criteria:

Necessarily as risk rises, so does potential returns, and as risk falls, potential returns follow.

The right property choice will very much depend on the investor’s unique circumstances.

Strategies must be tailored to the buyer’s needs, current and anticipated circumstances, risk profile, budget, goals and time frames.

The aim is to tick as many boxes as possible.

For example:
















Examining all the things that count minimizes the risk – check the evidence and make decisions on the balance of evidence.

The Professional Property Advisor’s job is to take into account the brief and risk profile of the client and make recommendations that meet as many of their client’s requirements, established through the Fact Find and careful listening and discussions.